could we get any cuter?!


I hate how overlooked this scene is because it shows how human katniss is and it’s a cute little moment between her and peeta

No war

No games

Just her and peeta


Jen prancing over to her fans

Is the dream song a real song?

yes, it’s Dream by Priscilla Ahn. It has a special place in my heart <3 

 #slp  #jen



The last gif - that awkward moment when you go for a big warm hug ,but then you realize that there are way too many people watching you,and they might think that there is something going on between you two,which you totally deny, even though you don’t act like bro and sis anymore, and more like a couple, so… you just turn the whole thing into a big, weird high five and feel kind of proud with yourself, but then again a little unsatisfied…

LOL, you’re right about the hug turned to high five. The top gifs: Josh:”Hey, sugar cube.” Jen:”Thanks” Josh:”You’re welcome!”


Taylor Swift 1989 stages.